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ADL-1 One Time Pad Generator Support Page

How to determine firmware version

To determine the firmware version your ADL-1 is running on preform the following steps.

  1. Power off the unit.

  2. Power on the unit while holding down the generate button.

Once the unit has powered up you can release the button. The unit will print the installed firmware version.

You can continue to use the ADL-1 as normal.

How to determine PCB version

To determine the PCB version your ADL-1 is equiped with.

  1. Power off the unit.

  2. Remove the 6  1/16" hex screws holding the panel in the case.

  3. Remove the panel by holding on to the print unit and pull up.

  4. Flip the panel over and look at the lower left hand corner of the circuit board for the PCB revision number.


Note that the PCB may be green or blue.

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